Exclusive: What is the Black Curve?


Before we go any further, we’d like to point out that most of what follows is rumor and well-reasoned conjecture; we don’t want to pull an Engadget and have RIM’s stock fall (or jump) a bazillion points due to one little post.

That being said, the BlackBerry Cool office has strong reason to believe that RIM’s been hiding/developing a black variant to their BlackBerry Curve.

BBCool HQ got a message last night from a friend who works for a prominent BlackBerry Alliance member, whispering about a Black Curve. This friend asked us if we had seen any more of the devices out in open; we replied that we hadn’t even heard of a Black Curve, much less seen one. Our staff set out to investigate.

Now, let’s quickly run through all the easy answers to what the Black Curve could be before we go all smoking gun on ya. First of all, it could be simply be some early development versions of the original BlackBerry Curve. RIM sends out devices to Alliance partners well before hardware is finalized to help companies get the jump on software development. These pre-final devices often feature casing components that will never see the light of day for the general populace — things like clear or funky colored casing, improper carrier branding and cheap keypads are common. It is possible that the Black Curve is just an early dev-model 8300 that RIM produced when they were still exploring their casing options for the device.

Another possibility is that it is simply one in a variety of different colored Curves that will be coming to carriers soon, similar to the White and Red Pearls. It’s important to remember that the Curve is the only RIM device other than the Pearl to receive a consumer marketing push, and will likely feature different colored variants eventually (how about a pink one? -ed).

19 Responses to “Exclusive: What is the Black Curve?”

  1. 1 crow

    8310?! With gps…

  2. 2 Terry Davis

    I saw this teaser of a photo on Blackberryforums.com…and I think the black phone looks amazingly hot!!! I want one in the worst way…

    And…if it was a “corporate version” with no camera…all the better. WiFi and HDSPA is cool too…but not a must for me at least.

    Very sexy device…I’ll have one when/if it’s released.


  3. 3 Ryan Schmidt

    Just tell me it’s going to be coming to Verizon so I can stop caring about the iPhone! PLEASE!

  4. 4 Me

    Seriously, does anyone know if the curve will be out for T-mobile!!??

  5. 5 jwheels

    The Black Curve is the Next to come out CDMA Sprint World Curve. Who would have thought Sprint gets the best looking Curve IMMEDIATELY after the 90 day Cingy exclusive?

  6. 6 obrian

    when does this phone come out so i can buy it

  7. 7 g4x4

    Would be nice to have it in PURPLE too!!

  8. 8 kanine

    When in the “heck” is T-Mobile getting any type of Curve ?

  9. 9 Jim

    The Curve is suppose to be coming to T-Moble once the 91-day exclusive for AT&T is up end of Aug.

  10. 10 Michelle Valenzuela

    I definitely think there should be a black curve!!!! It would look so sleek and chic! Do it please!

  11. 11 danielle

    i really wish they would make a black-colored curve. for the longest time, i thought they had one because if you go to http://www.blackberrycurve.com (the OFFICIAL site) on the front page right next to the image of the curve there are four colored boxes: silver, black, gold, and red.
    when you click on a color, the phone changes to that color. so for me it made sense that those were the colors the curve was available in.

  12. 12 Lucah76

    danielle…that black colored box on the site is apparently Titanium. I had a couple of day long discussion on a forum about that. I thought it was black too, but apparently I was wrong.

  13. 13 Taz

    Hey,Im not a business person or anything like that. But trust me the Black Curve looks gorgeous and I will do what ever I can to get my hands on one whe n if ever it is released. It would be awesome if it had extra functionality like 3G or Wifi, do you know what I mean!

  14. 14 Hailey

    It’s true, i’m getting mine tommorow!

  15. 15 jordan taylor

    and the blackberry bold?

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