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Don’t suppose you folks have checked out RIM’s mobile site recently, have you? Well, it’s had a bit of a revamp, and it’s looking pretty clean and tidy. While you’re perusing, why not check out the Great Sites category? Hey, look at that, they’ve got a Mobile IT Section there. Man, I bet they’ve got some pretty good linkage in there.

Oh my! Why, that’s us! Right there at the top! How about that! Thanks, Jim-Dog.

The reorganized sections go a little something like this:

Help Directory
-Getting Started
-Tips / FAQS

What’s Hot
-Yahoo!© Services

Fun & Games
-Super Games
-Brilliant Backgrounds
-Hot Ringtones
-Sweet Themes
-Instant Weather Updates

Great Sites (like BBCool -ed.)
-Bank of America
-Globe and Mail

-Yahoo!© Messenger
-Google Talkâ„¢
-BlackBerry Messenger

Maps & GPS
-Get BlackBerry® Maps


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