Mobile data prices forecasted to drop


A recent report from Analysys is forecasting a drop in voice and data rates due to growing popularity in low-cost data packages, Skype, WiMAX and other “transparent data pipes” like Wi-Fi. All of those things sound great to us, but unless carriers can provide competitive plans, they’ll be severely undercut by these third-party service providers.

“There is increasing uncertainty over the future of the wireless industry, and it could evolve in radically different ways,” says co-author Dr Mark Heath. “Organisations need to generate robust plans to steer the industry in their preferred direction, and to ensure success regardless of how the market develops.”

The report outlines three possible scenarios: either low-cost data pipes, emerging markets thriving on accesible, low-cost services, or cellular going indoors thanks to Wi-Fi and the like. All three are happening to varying degrees now, but which emerges as the clear next step for the wireless industry remains to be seen. What do you guys think?