Telus and BCE merging?


TelusThere have been some rumblings that Telus and BCE are considering a merge, making them the largest wireless carrier in Canada with a combined market cap of $46 billion. Considering the only other real competitor in town after that is Rogers, the federal government is keeping a close eye on the proceedings between these two companies to keep national competition up and avoid a monopoly. Telus Mobility isn’t likely to start talks with BCE until Ottawa gives them the go-ahead, otherwise the feds could simply step in and call the whole thing off mid-process. BCE is asking any bids be submitted before the end of the month, a scant week away, which should be around the $30 billion mark.

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  1. 1 J Roth

    Funny thing is from a network point of view they already are merged. Sure they have different stores and logos, but the cell towers are one and the same. For example Bell built all the cell towers in Ontario, and Telus built all the towers in Western Canada - they have transparent roaming agreements. They both have stores nationwide, but the access network is shared, so they are pretty much merged already as far as any BBCool reader is concerned.

  2. 2 Beerbaron

    This story needs to be updated, Telus dropped out of the bidding this morning

  1. 1 Telus drops out of BCE bid | BlackBerry Cool

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