Motorola’s push e-mail offers IT utilities

So long as we’re talking about BlackBerry alternatives, Motorola’s recently-acquired Good Technology Group has included security and management functions with the latest version of their mobile e-mail app, Good Mobile messaging 5. This includes implementing IT policies (such as restricting and allowing software on mobiles), locking devices, and encrypted e-mail support. The software is only working on Palm and Windows Mobile right now since BlackBerry already has push e-mail, but a stand-alone IT security suite on BlackBerry could sell, if Motorola were so inclined.

Easy-to-Manage and Secure
Good Mobile Messaging 5 offers a single, integrated solution that makes policy and device management a breeze. IT can
rest easy knowing they can deliver greater usability and personalization to the mobile workforce without sacrifi cing control
or security.
Complete handheld security
Gain control over the handhelds in the enterprise with a deep level of policy controls including the ability to disable access to the camera, Wi-Fi, infrared, Bluetooth and Bluetooth discoverability.
Advanced password management
Enforce password policies with a complete set of centralized password management and protection features, such as
password quality requirements. IT can set password limits that trigger protective actions, such as data erase or user
lock out, and even create a temporary password to unlock the handheld when a password has been forgotten.
Application lockdown
Control which applications can and cannot run on the handheld devices of your mobile users, all within an intuitive and
powerful policy management interface.
Encryption management
Ensure that the data on mobile devices is protected with AES-256 encryption of selected databases, folders and even
the SD card.
Mandatory applications
Defi ne and enforce the installation of certain applications like antivirus checkers on mobile devices. Even check whether the handheld is in compliance and still running the mandated applications.†
Double-Byte support for multinationals
Simplify global deployments with Unicode support, which allows mobile users to read and write read and write in traditional and simplified Chinese as well as Japanese.
Simplified Load balancing†
Grow your user base hassle-free with simplifi ed load balancing
capabilities that allow IT administrators to easily move users from one
Good server to another – without the need to re-provision users.
Lotus Domino encrypted email support
Extend your enterprise security to your handheld. With Good Mobile
Messaging 5 you can easily read and reply to Domino-encrypted email as seamlessly as though you were at your desk.
Multiple mail platforms and devices
Good Mobile Messaging 5 supports many popular devices running Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Palm
operating systems. In addition, Good 5 supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 and 2007 and Lotus Notes
and Domino 6.x, 7.x and 8.

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