Push e-mail competitor bashes RIM over French ban

emozeMan, these guys really like gunning for RIM, don’t they? emoze has taken a golden opportunity to kick RIM while they’re down, in what’s supposed to pass as a press release. I have no idea since when “ha ha, you guys suck, we’re awesome” qualified as a press release, but there you go. It might be easy to brush emoze off as small potatoes compared to BlackBerry’s push e-mail, but the fact remains that governing bodies could use an alternative push e-mail client with more security. According to some emoze is solid. Although no particular threat to RIM’s success, emoze does have the capability to offer services where RIM can’t.

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  1. 1 Amatosan

    In my opinion, Motorola / Good doesn’t match emoze’s real mass market push email solution. I’ve been using emoze with OWA which doesn’t require any application to be running on the PC and even more so, it works extremely well on multiple mobile devices.

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