French government bans BlackBerrys, uses them in secret anyway

We’ve got plenty of government-issued BlackBerrys floating around Ottawa, but I guess Paris will be a different story. According to Le Monde, the French government has discontinued its BlackBerry use in the President’s office due to concerns over data security, leaving many officials to use theirs in secret. They could always take a hint from the English, and sneak their BlackBerry usage in the washroom, although that’s a far cry from how they used to snub authority. RIM denies any danger of information getting into the wrong hands.

RIM responded to the allegations by saying that Blackberry’s encryption system was “the most secure wireless data solution available”, pointing out that it had been approved for the transmission of sensitive data by the UK government and by Nato. The US, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and Canada had also given the system their accreditation, the company added.

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1 Response to “French government bans BlackBerrys, uses them in secret anyway”

  1. 1 david

    It is very common for the very secure RIM solution to be installed but the local administrators do not set the policy controls correctly.

    i.e. they often forget to enforce an auto-lock on the handset, or leave the time-out period up to the users (who typically set it to 60 minutes!)

    When you do enforce policy correctly users complain - but a secure Blackberry is better than no blackberry!

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