Manpower is RIM’s recent hurdle in India

IndiaDespite, or maybe even because of, Nokia’s recent focus on India, RIM is reiterating its interest in the country. A recent interview with VP Norm Lo tells us RIM’s doing little more than upscaled hiring in India. For the bulk of the interview, he talks about the burgeoning corporate demand for BlackBerry services, the adoptability of technology in India, and even takes the iPhone stance in relation to established competitors in the mobile market, that “RIM welcomes competition. The more the users are informed about the benefits of mobile email, the more popular it will get, which is good for us as the market leader”. That’s super, Norm, but how’s that Reliance thing coming along? It’s all well and good that you guys are prepping, planning and soothsaying, but let’s get this panchayata started.

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