Verizon pulls no punches over the weekend

VerizonMan, I thought Friday was slow for BlackBerry news. Though the iPhone’s come rumbling in at the 700,000 mark by the end of the weekend, Verizon’s made sure to have something to brag about, too. Not only have they completed transitioning their EVDO network to rev. A, they’ve also busted out some tantalizing unlimited plans (although we all know what “unlimited” means). With a network like that, we can see why Apple went to Verizon first - it’s hard to imagine getting better use out of an unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging plan at 3 Mbit/s than on an iPhone, an experience which Europeans may be enjoying sooner than later. In any case, those brave souls who weathered the storm and stuck with Verizon will have some good service to chew on for awhile.

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