Weekly Contest - The Next Emerging Market

With RIM announcing a Chinese push, and starting to get their feet wet in India, we can see that the wireless industry is starting to realize just how many people still don’t have cell phones. So while China and India are some of the clear-cut hotspots right now, what remains on the horizon for the international BlackBerry market? Tell us which country is the next big thing for BlackBerry, and why this new spot will incubate BlackBerry growth so well.

Last week’s contest was a bit of a dud, so here’s hoping this week’s tickles your fancy a bit more. Since we still got ‘em kicking around, this week’s winners will win Canadian, American and iBerry themes for your BlackBerry.

4 Responses to “Weekly Contest - The Next Emerging Market”

  1. 1 Collin

    African and Middle Eastern markets like South Africa, Dubai, Qatar. Places with high concentration of wealth with low governmental impediments to outside development.

  2. 2 Christopher

    Iraq! Iraq as of right now doesn’t have data on their networks. So when they eventually do get a strong enough infastructure to develop things like cell networks you know Blackberry will truly have a global presence when the first Iraqi citizen holds up his blackberry.

  3. 3 rahul

    I believe India with a highly large upper middle class, a very young population and a booming economy is the right place. Blackberry is still new in India but its gaining popularity and that too fast as people in India have started buying smart phones .

    Gone are the days when Indians chose the cheapest things.. They do go for stylish , the automobile market is a perfect testimony for that

  4. 4 Michael

    Vietnam has to be the next one! Because Intel is investing US$1 billion there, the economy is growing as fast as China. People are getting very rich there!

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