Africa next on RIM’s hit list?

African CellFollowing the earlier topic of Canadian data rates, Don Morisson continued talking with the Financial Post about the emerging market in Africa. (For anyone who hasn’t entered our weekly contest yet, this is a subtle hint.) While progress in China’s starting to ramp up, RIM is looking to start moving harder into Eastern Europe before significant headway is made in Africa. Despite the economic situation in Africa being vastly different from the usual industrialized markets that RIM usually guns for, Morisson says their enterprise-first approach is going to stick.

“Is there an attractive market that’s beyond the enterprise market? Absolutely. Is it big? Absolutely. Is it the initial focus of our attention? Not in the beginning,” he says. “It’s important in the beginning that you don’t get carried away with yourself.”

Morisson also made a cheeky comment about RIM in the grand scheme of things.

“We’re not a big company. That’s cultural and for self-preservation reasons,” Mr. Morrison says. “If you think you’re the big guy then maybe you begin to get complacent.”

We’re right there with ya, Don - there’s something distinctly Canadian about fostering the scrappy underdog image.

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