Foleo rumored for Aug. 22 release - world cringes in anticipation

Palm’s painful excuse for a smartphone accessory could be hitting shelves August 22nd. For those lucky souls who weren’t around for the announcement, the Foleo is set to be a new kind of companion device that pairs up with your handheld by Bluetooth, and basically gives you a full screen and keyboard. In short, it’s a crappy laptop that will cost you $499. Don’t mistake this post as actual interest in the Foleo; it is solely out of a sense of solemn civic duty to my dear readers that I report this. Honestly, this should be filed under “Humor”, not “Rumor”. Speaking of which, if you’d like to meet the poor sap who has to try to sell the damned thing, take a lookee over here.

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Posted by Simon Sage in News, Rumors

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