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AppleAfter reading our post yesterday about a tethering to a Mac to a BlackBerry, Tom at Enterprise Mac has one more way of doing the job that he’s been using since May. He’s confirmed the process to work on a BlackBerry 8800 on the T-Mobile network, and we encourage any other Mac users in the house to give it a shot. It looks like it would take some work to get done, pasting scripts, and tweaking configuration, but the majority of testers claim successful tethering. Thanks to Fibble forum admin, Grant, for writing up the script!

1. Download the script here. Please Right-Click and Choose ‘Save As’. It’s important not to open it in a text editor, as the script can become corrupted.
2. Copy the script into the folder /Library/Modem Scripts. That’s the Library folder at the root of your hard drive, not the one in your user folder.
3. If you’ve already paired your Pearl with your Mac, open Bluetooth Preferences, Select your Pearl from the list of devices and press ‘Configure…’. (If you haven’t, choose ‘Set up Bluetooth Device’ - the following dialogs will be shown after you’ve paired your phone with your Mac. Make sure your Pearl doesn’t require a password for your mac to connect to it - the ‘Trusted Connection’ option for the pairing should be set to ‘Yes’ on your phone, not ‘Ask’.)
4. Make sure ‘Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection’ is checked. Also, make sure ‘Use a direct, higher speed connection’ is selected. Click Continue.
5. In the Modem Script pulldown on the following screen, Select ‘BlackBerry 8800’. Use the following settings for the other fields, then click Continue:

* Username, Password: leave blank
* GPRS CID: *99***1#

6. Open the Internet Connect application. Select the Bluetooth icon at the top. Under Phone Number, put your APN (for T-Mobile and the BlackBerry Unlimited plan, I use, for Cingular it’s “wap.cingular”). Type a username and password (I use guest/guest, for Cingular you’ll use “WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM” as the username and “CINGULAR1” as the password) in the appropriate fields.

  • Smokey

    I can confirm this works with my Pearl and a new MacBook Pro on the Rogers network in Canada. Here is what I did:

    - Downloaded the Pearl modem script ( by right/ctrl clicking the link with Camino (Safari kept wanting to save the file as a text file, which corrupts the script) and choosing ‘Download Link Target …’ to Library/Modem Scripts

    - On my Pearl I went to Options > Advanced Options > TCP and entered ‘’ for the APN. Username/PW left blank.

    - Turned Bluetooth to on/discoverable on Pearl

    - Turned on Bluetooth on MacBook, selected ‘Set up Bluetooth Device’

    - Followed steps above to pair the Pearl with MacBook

    - On the MacBook ‘Bluetooth Mobile Phone Set Up’ screen on the ‘Bluetooth Setup Assistant’ Wizard, I entered these settings:

    Username: blank (ie: nothing entered)
    Password: blank
    GPRS CID String: *99#
    Modem Script: BlackBerry 8100

    - Next, as stated above, I opened Internet Connect and clicked the Bluetooth button. Here are the settings:

    Telephone Number:
    Account Name: wapuser1
    Password: wap

    - Hit ‘Connect’ and you are off to the races.

  • curtis lemansky

    Yes, you have the ability to BlueTooth a MacModem with any BlackBerry device that is running the 4.2 OS and has the BlueTooth DUN properties available.

    The only issue with this is you are running it on Bluetooth and not an actual USB tether, and the fact that you have to go through and as you can see, do a bunch of tweaks and modem scripts and whatnot to the device.

    Where I personally think the MobiMac solution hits it out of the park is the fact that it is being used with USB connections, and the fact that it runs on the devices that are not yet or will not be equipped with the 4.2 Operating System, as there are still a bunch of 87 (who don’t want to upgrade to the somewhat buggy 4.2), 72/75 and 71 series clients out there who wish to have their BB’s be able to be used as an external modem for their Mac.

    Not trying to bash the BlueTooth Modem at all, just pointing out that it won’t work on every device out there.

  • jcwell

    I’ve looked around for MobiMac as mentioned above and can’t find it anywhere. Any place to find usb solution for mac.

  • Benson


  • Kevin

    Is there someone who would be kind enough to take my call to help me setup my TMobile Blackberry 8800 and my Mac Pro? I’ve tried many times unsuccessfully.


  • Rick M

    True, but it doesn’t cost $60 to connect via bluetooth either.

    And grant wrote another script for OSX 10.5 users that is self extracting and takes

  • Rick M

    lessthan a minute to install.

    takes longer to backdate to the RIM italy software so it won’t hang up the modem after a minute than it does to install the Pearl as a modem.

  • olanrewaju Yusuf

    I tried tethering my new 9700 with my macbook pro using the normal tethering by bluetooth. It just doesn’t work. I had been using my previous bb 8900 as a modem by bluetooth tether and now I have a new 9700 it won’t work. Does anyone know what I can do? Please post instructions and I’d be very grateful. My new bb device runs OS I think this might be the problem cos I’ve read in several places including the blackberry site that tethering will work with any bb model running OS 4.5 to 4.7 or something like that.

  • remove system fix virus

    I really appreciate your step by step guide.