BlackBerry Etiquette: What not to put in an email


All BlackBerry users live and die with their email. But how can we know that the messages we’re sending project the proper image about us and are having their desired effect? Thankfully, the folks over at CIO have put together a great list of recommendations to make sure that you have a handle on your email. Here’s some of what they had to say about being concise on your BlackBerry:

People don’t want to write long messages on BlackBerrys — or read them. How can you deal with this fact of life? Booher’s first rule: “These messages are just as legal as anything else. If you give information that’s inaccurate or wrong, it’s just as likely to be used in court.”

Be particularly careful about identifying who you’re talking about and what question you are addressing in these brief missives, Booher suggests. “It’s extremely important to learn to be complete and clear while being concise. The skill of being able to summarize well is even more important on a BlackBerry.”

We’ve got CIO’s Top Ten list of things not to put in your email after to jump, but make sure you check out the full article as well - it’s a great read.

1. Negative comments regarding your firm’s executives. Too easy for someone else to forward accidentally.

2. Performance criticism. Seems more “official” than when spoken, causing people to worry too much.

3. Bonus or salary matters. Company plans may change.

4. Racial or gender slurs. Enough said.

5. Details relating to product liabilities. Court trail, anyone?

6. Lies about your company’s rivals. Another ticket to legal trouble.

7. Office dish. If people want to spread their own news, let them.

8. Sloppy writing. Your image is at stake, even if you’re hacking away on a BlackBerry.

9. Sarcastic humor. Without inflection or visual cues, it’s risky.

10. Private matters. Don’t e-mail details on any part of your life that you wouldn’t want to see in the newspaper.

  • Silver Fang

    If you don't want your grandmother or boss to see it, don't publish it.

  • Silver Fang

    If you don't want your grandmother or boss to see it, don't publish it.