Taiwan Mobile introduces BlackBerry Connect service


We don’t really know why we like making fun of BlackBerry Connect so much here at BBCool. Maybe it’s our blogger nature, forcing us to pounce, fierce and lion-like, on whichever wounded gazelle limps too far behind RIM’s otherwise svelte pack of great devices and strong stock price. That’s why it was disappointing to hear that the poor beast still has a bit of life left in her, coming by way of support from Taiwan’s second largest carrier, Taiwan Mobile.

Taiwan Mobile announced yesterday that it was rolling out BlackBerry Connect support for the Sony Ericsson P1i and Asustek M530W handsets, with BBC support for HTC devices possibly soon to follow. Taiwan Mobile started offering BlackBerry service to its customers in late 2006, and expects to have 10,000 BlackBerry subscribers by mid-2008.

So keep running, you steely-eyed gazelle. We’ll meet again in the tall grass of the Internet someday soon.