Bacon on BlackBerry: Ringtones, trackballs and Outlook (oh my!)

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Q: I’m having a problem where I delete messages from Outlook but they stay on the device or I delete message from my device and they stay in my Outlook.

A: There are two setups you can have for synchronizing message on the BlackBerry and Outlook. You can have them mirror each other so deletions in one spot effect both (ie. Delete a message on the handheld and it will be removed from your desktop Outlook as well and vice versa) or you have can the device and Outlook independently maintain a message list. I, personally, have my BlackBerry and Outlook not synchronized so I can delete messages on the device but they remain on my desktop client. This is so that I can delete a host of un-important messages on my BlackBerry, which makes it easier to find important messages I really need while away from my desk.
However, if your settings get messed up, and you want them to by synchronized, here’s a few causes/solution (all linked back to a RIM Knowledge Base article):

1. The email message was permanently deleted in the Microsoft Outlook Inbox.
2. Outlook is configured to empty the Deleted Items folder.
3. The Delete On option is set to Handheld.
4. The Reconcile Email check box is not selected.
5. The Folder Management registry value is corrupt.
6. Folder and Message databases are corrupt.
7. Messages were deleted from the BlackBerry device with the Delete Prior option.

  • Julie
    It won't save the encryption key... keeps defaulting back to 0.
  • Julie Main
    How do I delete a speed dial on a blackberry 8700g without deleting the whole contact?
  • newberry8100
    Having HARD time finding. How to input a questions.

    There is no icon
  • Jen
    I have the 8830 -- can I make trackball flash when I am receiving a phone call? I wasn't able to do it with the method for the BB Pearl.
  • Michael R
    The 2nd question about outlook and the blackberry not syncing needs some clarification. Your answer is assuming the user is on a bes. Outlook and the blackberry may not be mirrored because the user may be using bis or personal email in which case there is no way to have the blackberry and outlook mirror deletions.
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