Bacon on BlackBerry: Ringtones, trackballs and Outlook (oh my!)

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Q: I have seen some people’s Pearl’s trackball flash when they are receiving a phone call. Can I do this on mine?

A: Yes, here’s how:

1. Open the Phone application (press the green call key)
2. Click the BlackBerry Logo key to bring up the full menu (the key to the left of the trackball)
3. Choose Options > General Options
4. Change the ‘Ringtone Lighting’ option to ‘Trackball’

Q: How do I set a custom ringtone for someone?

A: It’s pretty easy, but while you’d think it would be a property or option in the address book, you actually have to do it by creating an exception in your profile setting screen.

1. Open the profiles ‘advanced’ section (most themes have a profile icon in the top-right of the home screen you can select and then choose ‘advanced’ from that menu.
2. On the menu in the advanced screen, bring up the menu and select ‘New Exception’
3. Name the exception and then scroll to the ‘From’ field, bring up the menu and select ‘Add Name’.
4. Select a contact from the address book (that will now appear).
5. You can repeat this (the ‘Add Name’ thing) to add more people to the list if you want a ringtone for a group of people.
6. Choose the ringtone from the ‘Custom Phone’ field and then ‘Save’ (from the menu)

You can send all your BlackBerry-related questions to Bacon at BlackBerry Cool dot com.

  • Julie
    It won't save the encryption key... keeps defaulting back to 0.
  • Julie Main
    How do I delete a speed dial on a blackberry 8700g without deleting the whole contact?
  • newberry8100
    Having HARD time finding. How to input a questions.

    There is no icon
  • Jen
    I have the 8830 -- can I make trackball flash when I am receiving a phone call? I wasn't able to do it with the method for the BB Pearl.
  • Michael R
    The 2nd question about outlook and the blackberry not syncing needs some clarification. Your answer is assuming the user is on a bes. Outlook and the blackberry may not be mirrored because the user may be using bis or personal email in which case there is no way to have the blackberry and outlook mirror deletions.
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