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It’s always good seeing friends of the ‘Cool receiving well-deserved exposure. In the BlackBerry space, probably nobody deserves it more than Magmic games, who have been providing BlackBerry gamers tons of ways to blow their uptime for years now (as well as kindly giving us free games for our Weekly Contest winners). Those mobile game hounds at GamesOnDeck have posted an interview with Magmic’s CEO, John Criswick, and Bplay VP Nicholas Reichenbach (whom you might remember from a certain podcast we did at WES), about the growing BlackBerry games market. While it’s nothing that BlackBerry gamers don’t already know, the numbers are quite interesting:

From our data, a BlackBerry user consumes maybe two, three times what even a premium feature phone J2ME user does… BlackBerry users have a 6-7% penetration on mobile games, while feature phones have only 2-3%. So 6-7% of all BlackBerry users play games. I think it’s because they’re network enabled devices, and people spend a lot of time on them, it’s an extension of people’s business and personal lives in their hands.

To read the full interview, go here.

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