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BlackBerry 8830 comes to Alltel


Alltel announced yesterday their release of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. The 8830? Really? If you’re going to be this late to the party, why not pick up something a little more recent? Even Trinidad has the BlackBerry 8300. Besides, corporate customers are probably a-o-k with the BlackBerry 8703e that Alltel is already offering. To be fair, they do have a focus on roaming, and that’s what the BlackBerry 8830 is all about. Available for $249.99 with mail-in rebate.

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Yet another RIM acquisition rumor


Word’s floating around about Microsoft acquiring RIM, but c’mon, we’ve heard all this talk before. Does it ever happen? No. BBCool’s set their stance on Microsoft in particular buying RIM, and especially rumors of RIM acquisitions in general. RIM’s stock showed a little blip as a result of the prospect, but it’ll pass. No doubt Microsoft is interested, but until talks are actually underway, let’s all just calm down a bit.

Weekly Contest: Should RIM follow Nokia’s lead?


Anyone who’s been listening to the other blogs knows that Nokia has had a pretty busy week, unloading a music store and a reinvigorated gaming platform, both under their new Ovi internet services umbrella. Combine that with their announcement earlier this month about discontinuing some of their chipset production, Nokia’s game is changing significantly. Some would go so far to say that they’re following Apple’s manufacturer-first lead; Nokia is no longer “providing a white label service for operators to use but … placing its own brand ahead of theirs”. We’ve had our fair share of OEM sovereignty issues lately, which is why Nokia’s progress this week is especially noteworthy. Palm has certainly provided an example of what RIM shouldn’t be doing, but Nokia leads the way, and could teach BlackBerry a thing or two. So, BBCool readers, based on Nokia’s goings-on lately, is RIM in a position to take any tips? Should they stay the course and keep doing what they’ve done best, or is there room for them to branch out? BlackBerry Connect is about the most they’ve ventured into alternative service territory, and it could be considered a little less than successful. Regardless, to remain competitive, RIM has to keep changing; will their next big step be similar to Nokia’s?

The reader who can nail down why RIM should go after consumers independent of carriers (or stick to their current carrier-centric strategy) will win three ringtones from Bplay.

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Handmark unleashes a bundle of BlackBerry games


I-play has just inked a deal with Handmark to distribute their top titles, such as a Fast and the Furious racing game, a puzzler by the name of Jewel Quest and 3D Pool: High Roller. I-play’s site lists most of these as compatible with only BlackBerry 8100′s, probably since their primary interest lies with mainstream cellphones, but I’ve received word from Handmark that the games will be working with all BlackBerrys. The most eye-catching of their titles is Pillowfight, where you “join an elite and sexy crew of hot women in the exclusive world of competitive pillow fighting”. Damn. Sign me up.

Opera Mini 4 goes into second round of beta


The granddaddy of mobile web browsing has cleaned up a bunch of bugs from their Opera Mini 4 Beta, and released a new beta 2 version available for free download. Beta 1 actually didn’t work at all on my BlackBerry 8800, so it was nice to get it running and have a go at Opera Mini. The low-res image loading is a good way of keeping data traffic down, but the virtual mouse scrolling is a little chunky. Keypad scrolling goes quicker, but I’d like to do most of my browsing with the scrollball, so a higher sensitivity option would be nice. Outside of that, Opera’s added a few BlackBerry-specific features, such as native menus and “lots of optimizations”. Viewing web pages in their native format is nice, but really slows down actual browsing, and let’s be fair, it’s a bit of a joke compared to the iPhone’s Safari. Regardless, it’s still great to have a free, full-featured web browser available for other mobiles.

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BES version 5 en route, maybe with HTML e-mail handling?


ThumbsupRuss over at the BlackBerry Beat has pointed us towards a hint that version 5.0 of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software is in the works, with 4.1.5 coming out in a not-too-distant November. HTML e-mail on your BlackBerry might be on the way, according to these notes. Based on the purported features below, is there anything else you BES admins out there would like to see?

BES 4.1.5 - scheduled November 2007
Intelligent HTML & TRF E-Mail handling
Free/Busy lookup during meeting request creation
Remote Email search and retrieval

BES 5.0 Argon Q2 2008
Brand new Admin UI
A full suite of APIs
Enhanced SW Configurations
Integration with AD
Custom Admin and User Roles
Hierarchal IT Polices
Primary - standby architecture
Automated failover option
Manual failover for maintenance