Mobile Enterprise Data to make $100 billion by 2012

Numbers like this should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that Rogers charges something like $40 for an 25MB unlimited BlackBerry data plan, but I digress. Those mad mobile scientists at ABI research are reporting that enterprise-based mobile data applications and services will generate over $100 billion in worldwide revenue by 2012. What does that mean exactly? Well, email, sales force automation tools, mapping applications and Internet access are good places to start.

Principal analyst Dan Shey comments, “The industry is at the cusp of some phenomenal growth for data applications and services delivered to the handset. Although voice will still generate the bulk of revenues from business customers, mobile data services revenues will become 26% of ARPUs by 2012, a 29% compound annual growth rate.”

All told, ABI predicts that combined revenues from all mobile business categories (including voice services) will grow from $242 billion in 2007 to $389 billion by 2012. Sounds like it’s a really good time to be Ted Rogers.

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