Tele Atlas launches ‘Maps in Apps’ developer contest

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Regular BlackBerry Cool readers know that ever since the BlackBerry 8800 dropped (even before that, really) we’ve been GPS/LBS fiends here at the ‘Cool. Because of our addiction, we’re always looking for new applications to trick out our BlackBerry and take us to the next level of uptime enhancement or silly downtime fun.

Thankfully for us and all our fellow LBS lovers out there, Tele Atlas launched a developer contest July 23rd designed to foster innovative LBS applications. As part of their LBS Innovators Series, the ‘Maps in Apps’ contest is looking for just that, innovative products that utilize GPS mapping technology in ways never before seen. The developer contest runs until September 23rd, and Tele Atlas is giving away over $100,000 (!) in prize money and map data to the winners. To sign up and read the official rules, head to:

BlackBerry Cool is counting on you to develop something to help feed our LBS addiction!

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