BlackBerry Cool to Go/Viigo keeps growing, adds over 1,000 channels


We’ve mentioned Virtual Reach’s Viigo app quite a bit here at the ‘Cool, mostly for two reasons: they keep adding new content, and our readership keeps lapping it up. So that’s why we’re pleased to exclusively announce today that Virtual Reach has added over 1,000 new channels to their application for everyone who loves to get news from their BlackBerry. The channels include a myriad of topics, ranging from Blogs and International interests, to Entertainment and Lifestyle content.

What’s the best way to get Viigo and try out all these new channels, you ask? Well how about downloading BlackBerry Cool to Go, the specially designed Viigo app catered to you, the BlackBerry Cool reader. To download the free app, click on the banner in the right-hand corner of your browser, or head to:

Featured channels include:

1. Blogs (showcasing some of the best blogs in the blogosphere)
2. Business and Finance (feeds on Entrepreneurship, Finance News, Industry News, Investing, Markets and Popular business publications)
3. Cool Feeds & Useful Services (the Exotic, Cool and Interactive)
4. Entertainment (TV, Movies, Books, Celebrity, Comics, Entertainment News, Fashion, Magazines and even Bollywood)
5. Interests & Lifestyle (Nature, Humor, the Environment, Games, Health and Fitness, Hip Hop, Science, etc.)
6. International (feeds in Danish, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian)
7. Local Events, Deals and Weather (Shopping, Sightseeing and Sunshine)
8. Newspapers (from 8 countries around the world, including a deluxe array of North American newspapers)
9. Sports (coverage of 15 different sports, including Stats, Spreads and Insight from the experts)
10. Technology (from Gadgets to Mobile to Enterprise Computing)
11. Viigo News and Help (our way of keeping you informed)
12. Viigo Recommends (Staff Picks, and Featured Feeds)

3 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool to Go/Viigo keeps growing, adds over 1,000 channels”

  1. 1 JerryD

    Well it was nice while it lasted, but it appears there’s no way for me to install Viigo - either the BBCool version or the full version - on my 8800 OTA.

  2. 2 Niranjan Mayya


    Can you send a note to so we can troubleshoot your issue ?

    Niranjan Mayya

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