Vodafone to carry BlackBerry Pearl 2 by September?

BG’s Spanish connection at MiBlackBerry is suggesting a September release on Vodafone for the new BlackBerry Pearl. It looks like it’s just on the Spanish site, but hints at a widescale release. AT&T is slated for the same timeframe, with other carriers undoubtedly nipping at it’s heels. If you’re looking to Verizon, their leaked release roadmap doesn’t seem to have a BlackBerry in sight until at least October, unless of course the “Coupe” is referring to a rumored BlackBerry 8300 variant coming down the pipes.

In any case, Vodafone’s release in time with AT&T signals quick European spread of the new toy. Irked that we aren’t getting the same treatment this side of the pond? Check out our Weekly Contest, “Why Europe First?” and share your beef.

Posted by Simon Sage in News, Rumors

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