Nokia tops smartphone manufacturers, leaves RIM in third

ABI’s fed the big companies into its newfangled Vendor Matrix, which one imagines as some giant machine that churns and bubbles and whizzes and clunks along until it dings a little bell and spits out a result, and has put Nokia at the top, with Motorola in second and RIM in third. After listening to a friend in the UK gushing about his new Nokia N95 this morning, it’s no surprise that Nokia’s on top. Criteria for ranking is based on performance in innovation and implementation of products.

In terms of implementation, Nokia has captured 56% of the global smartphone market, which is where they’ve really succeeded since RIM, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have all matched Nokia’s innovation score. While these reports need to be taken with a grain of salt, ABI’s standards are fairly comprehensive.

For this particular matrix, under “innovation,” ABI Research examined user interface customization, patent portfolio, handset differentiation, battery life, handset size, support for third party application developers, common and concise API, and OS source code licenses.

Under “implementation,” ABI Research scrutinized the following criteria: smartphone shipments, brand equity, choice of OS, number of smartphone models, whether the vendor was first to market, distribution network, smartphone market share, smartphone ASP, operator relationships, ODM partnerships, manufacturing facilities, overall handset ASP, and overall handset market share.

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Greg Myers
August 10th, 2007 at 7:38 am

I totally disagree with this point of view . I have owned a Nokia N95 and found it had a very slow os and required a full reset every 2 days . The battery life is also very short at around 2 hours of web browsing before requiring a recharge . Finally the screen failed and a refund was demanded . After that disappointment I purchased a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl . It is by far the most capable and versatile smartphone I have ever owned .
Other Smartphones I have owned are O2 Atom, O2 Stealth, Sony Ericson 910, Imate Kjam, Nokia N95 and the Pearl . In my opinion the BlackBerry is lightyears in front of the rest .
Thanks for your time Greg Myers

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