T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8100 gets facelift

Boy Genius’ T-Mobile snitch has dug a few more tidbits of goodness, although it might not be as exciting as a BlackBerry 8320 release date. By the looks of another leaked slide, T-Mobile’s planning on having a red, gold and blue BlackBerry 8100 available for sale come September 4th. Although the Pearl is nearing the end of its life cycle what with the Pearl 2 coming around the bend, RIM and carriers can still squeeze out a few bucks with a relatively cheap aesthetic makeover. One of the bullets claims that these Pearls are packing “real HTML web browsing”, we’re more inclined to believe that nothing has changed under the Pearl’s hood; this is strictly a paint job, and probably the last bit of love the BlackBerry 8100 will get before the new kid gets on the block.

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