Bacon on BlackBerry: Themes, Skype, and ringtones

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Magmic’s very own Jeff Bacon comes in for another round of Bacon on BlackBerry to answer a few troublesome issues folks have been having. As ever, themes and ringtones are on the chopping block, along with Skype compatability, getting your calendar on the home screen and how to change your background. Sound like anything you need help with? Sit back and bask in the Yoda-esque wisdom of Bacon

Q: When I install a theme, it doesn’t show up in the Themes list on my device. How can I get it to show up?

A: There is a bug in RIM’s BlackBerry OS which requires the device to be rebooted before it will show the theme in the themes list. This is as simple as pulling out your battery and putting it back in. The ‘shutdown’ from the main BlackBerry interface is not sufficient to achieve the full reboot and finalize the theme installation. The issue has been addressed by RIM in OS 4.2.1 and future OS revisions will not have this problem.

Q: Can I use Skype on my 8800?

A: Check out WebMessenger as they have a Skype client for BlackBerry. I personally haven’t used it but I have heard a few people compliment it.
WebMessenger allows you to take Skype on the road with you. Check the availability of colleagues, friends, and family on your mobile phone, send and receive chat messages, or even simply click on them to give them a quick shout.

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