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The recent BlackBerry Developer newsletter from RIM just reminded us about their Sync Server software development kit, which helps developers integrate synchronization between handhelds and databases. If you’re interested in a download, you can pick up the SDK over here, but in order to test your applications, you’ll need the BlackBerry MDS Simulator and the BlackBerry device simulator too.

The BlackBerry® Sync Server SDK (SyncSDK) enables developers to create applications that wirelessly synchronize information in enterprise backend databases with data on the device.

The SyncSDK is composed of:

* Installer for server-side synchronization connector
* Sample server custom connector
* Sample device synchronization code
* Documentation

You can use the SyncSDK to develop a custom database connector for wireless synchronization.

A wireless synchronization system requires the following items:

* A server application that connects with the connector
* A connector DLL specific to the server application
* A Java® application for the BlackBerry® device that uses the wireless synchronization classes and methods
* A database engine; if necessary, the package installs MSDE

To test new applications that you create with the SyncSDK, you require both the BlackBerry MDS™ Simulator and the BlackBerry device simulator.
Technical Requirements

* Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP 4 or Microsoft Windows XP SP 2
* Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 or Microsoft® Visual C++® 2005 Express Edition (download from
* Intel® Pentium® III processor or compatible (800 MHz or higher)
* 512 MB RAM
* 500 MB available hard disk space
* Java® SDK Version 1.5 (download from
* BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1.2 or later (Only required if you intend to use the ConnectorInstall utility to install a connector application
* BlackBerry Device Simulator package Version 4.2 or later, or the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment Version 4.2
* BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package Version or later

  • David
    Can I create a windows service with this SDK that can get/send email and calender items from any source and update Blackberry email and calender items. (do I still need the BlackBerry Enterprise Server?)

    Gr, David
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