Patent by RIM shows caller’s location


GPSThe BlackBerry Beat, an ever-reliable source for patent news, has found one that displays incoming callers on an on-screen map. Location can be determined by GPS, but the patent also allows for other input methods, such as cell tower triangulation, manual input, or (my personal favourite these days) Wi-Fi positioning. Something like this that integrates with existing, basic functionality could make location-based services more visible to the general public, and maybe bring adoption rates up. I still remember that talk we had with BlackLine when they said that the number one call made between two cell phones is to ask “where are you”; the more LBS becomes a part of day-to-day lives, the less we’ll have to make that call. As with most patents, we can smile and say “that would be cool”, but it’s anybody’s guess if the technology ever sees the light of day.

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  1. 1 Luke

    Yeah. Ummm hmmm. And how many times have crackberry addicts lied to their bosses and spouses and said, I’m at the office (or client’s) or I’m stuck in traffic (when you are still home or just left?) I can see lots of firings and divorces over this. especially if you can’t control it.

  1. 1 Patent by RIM shows caller?s location - : Your Number One BlackBerry Community

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