BlackBerry 8100 rocks Handango sales

HandangoHandango has released their quarterly yardstick report, and sales for BlackBerry 8100 software has come in an impressive second. Playing second fiddle to the Motorola Q, maybe, but still nothing to sneeze at. BlackBerry 8800 sales have been climbing higher, and so are requests for GPS and mapping software. Without further ado, here are this quarter’s top 10 BlackBerry apps, some of which we’ve got in our own store.

1. VoiceControl
2. Ringtone Megaplex
3. Ringphonic Lite
4. Colour Your Trackball
5. WorldMate Professional Edition
6. IM+
7. Ringphonic
8. eSpell
9. Aces Texas Hold’em - No Limit
10. RepliGo Professional

Handango Releases 2007 Second Quarter Yardstick Data Revealing Smartphone Industry Trends


Ringtone libraries and other smartphone-customizing software continue to be best sellers; Motorola Q and BlackBerry Pearl remain top devices adding content

HURST, TX - August 21, 2007 - Handango, the world’s leading provider of smartphone content, today released the 2007 Second Quarter edition of the Handango Yardstick, a quarterly report on the state of the mobile content industry.

For the second consecutive quarter, the Motorola Q and BlackBerry Pearl ranked first and second, respectively, in terms of the most revenue generated and the most applications sold through Handango storefronts. Older smartphone models such as the Palm Treo 650 and Cingular 8125 moved lower on the list of top devices adding software to make room for two new devices that appeared for the first time this quarter - the Nokia N95 which was a highly anticipated device at the time of its United States release following strong overseas sales, as well as the BlackBerry 8800, which launched in late February.

The number of new content titles added to the Handango catalog rose 14% from last quarter to 2732. This rise in new content may be due to the number of new devices entering the market which are heavily supported though advertising to the mass consumer.

In terms of top-selling applications, titles from Spb Software House were among the most popular on Handango, with six of the company’s products ranking in the best sellers list, including Spb Mobile Shell, Spb Pocket Plus and Spb Phone Suite. In addition, MobiTV retained its spot as the top-selling application for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform, while competitor HandiTV fell from the second position to number six. Aces Texas Hold’Em continued to be Handango’s best-selling game.

Business & Professional remained the top-selling product category in terms of revenue. Sales of entertainment titles rose since last quarter and closely trail business applications with 16 percent of total sales. This quarter also saw “maps” appear as one of Handango’s most frequently searched terms, driven by a continued interest in GPS and LBS-related device functionality.

Following are the ten best-selling content titles by operating system, as reported by the 2007 Second Quarter Yardstick:

1. VoiceControl
2. Ringtone Megaplex
3. Ringphonic Lite
4. Colour Your Trackball
5. WorldMate Professional Edition
6. IM+
7. Ringphonic
8. eSpell
9. Aces Texas Hold’em - No Limit
10. RepliGo Professional

Palm OS
1. PocketMirror Standard
2. Agendus Professional Edition
3. Agendus Premier Edition
4. Ringo Pro
5. SplashID
6. Traffic for Treo
7. PocketMirror Std. Upgrade
8. VoiceControl
9. Diet & Exercise Assistant
10. The Weather Channel

Symbian OS
1. Handy Weather S60
2. ProfiMail
3. Ultimate Voice Recorder
4. Quickoffice Premier
5. Handy Safe for S60
6. Advanced Call Manager S60
7. WorldMate Professional S60
8. SBSH Papyrus
9. IM+
10. LCG Jukebox

Windows Mobile Pocket PC
1. MobiTV
2. Spb Mobile Shell
3. Spb Pocket Plus
4. Spb Phone Suite
5. Spb Backup
6. Microsoft Voice Command
7. Spb Time
8. Spb Diary
9. Pocket Informant
10. eWallet Professional Edition

Windows Mobile Smartphone
1. MobiTV
2. Ringtone Megaplex
3. SBSH Facade
4. Documents To Go
5. SmartphoneNotes
6. HandiTV
7. Agenda One
8. IM+
9. PocketStreamer DELUXE
10. Aces Texas Hold’Em-No Limit
In addition to the above stats, the 2007 Second Quarter edition of the Yardstick reported software sales by category, average selling price of smartphone content and much more. A full version of the Handango Yardstick for Q2 2007 is available at

About the Handango Yardstick
The Handango Yardstick incorporates worldwide data collected from all Handango-powered Web and on-device storefronts and reports trends across major mobile operating systems including Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Symbian, Palm OS and BlackBerry. Handango publishes the Yardstick quarterly in the Press Room on its corporate site at

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