RIM’s Wi-Fi partner enabling VoIP and other services

DeviceSCapeYou might not have heard of Devicescape, since they work largely behind the scenes, but apparently they play an integral role in getting Wi-Fi into BlackBerrys. The folks at Ars Technica got a chance to talk with CEO Dave Fraser, who, in the midst of talking about Skype and their own mobile Wi-Fi connectivity solution dubbed Devicescape Connect, had this to say about the future of VoIP in handhelds.

“[There’s] nothing we can announce yet, but within a few months new types of devices will be hitting the market like dual-mode handsets, VoIP phones, game systems, media players, GPS systems, digital cameras… we have designs in all of these areas.”

So VoIP phones are going to be as widespread as Wi-Fi dual-mode handsets? At very least, you’ll be able to subscribe to Devicescape’s service to get access to an alternative to UMA handoff. The interview postulates an enterprise situation where their Wi-Fi solution would be especially helpful; if SIP doesn’t end up coming to the BlackBerry 8820, Devicescape Connect could be the second-best way for enterprise to use Wi-Fi for voice.

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August 22nd, 2007 at 8:00 pm

A few corrections for you:

Dave Fraser is Devicescape’s CEO (and, yes, Ars Technica also spelled his name incorrectly).

More importantly, Devicescape is not a VoIP service. It is an enabling technology for mobile VoIP, as well as for other things that will be found on mobile devices, whether gaming, media related, messaging or even things that haven’t been invented yet.

What Devicescape Connect enables is easy access to Wi-Fi networks, whether public ones that require credentials or those belonging to your friends & family. The idea is to get your mobile devices online in more places, without fiddling around entering passwords or encryption keys on devices that don’t have real keyboards.

- System Architect, Devicescape

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