RIM director says carriers ‘allowed’ for Wi-Fi BlackBerrys

While cruising the forums, I found a little interview with director of RIM’s Wi-Fi development, Kevin Oerton. The conversation was mostly broad strokes: why wait so long to bring Wi-Fi to BlackBerry, what technical difficulties there were, that kind of thing. Oerton geared the BlackBerry 8820 as primarily an enterprise device targeted at campus-based companies with large Wi-Fi coverage. Most notably, Oerton says that carriers’ acceptance of VoIP and Wi-Fi handoff has been the primary reason for RIM moving forward with the technology. It’s not a huge leap from there to say that had carriers been more open to it, we would have seen a Wi-Fi BlackBerry sooner. As Oerton also said elsewhere, Wi-Fi is a way of extending the carrier’s reach to areas previously inaccessible. Once again, it’s solidified that RIM serves the carrier.

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August 22nd, 2007 at 11:00 pm

I soon hope that once RIM cements itself in foreign markets, particularly in Asia and Europe, that it no longer has to hold features back because of the North American carriers. In these places, phones are actually sold full price, and the carriers have no control over what features the phones do and don’t have, so once RIM’s market gets bigger there, it should have no reason not to launch better phones before releasing them in NA.

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