38% of smartphone users chose BlackBerry


FirstThe ChangeWave Alliance has surveyed some 3,000-odd members on what smartphone they use, and BlackBerry has taken the number one spot with 38% of users citing as their device. Of course, all eyes are on the last slot, the Apple, which has nabbed 4% of users surveyed already, and puts it on par with Samsung already. Although Palm’s still in second, it’s been dropping steadily (surprise, surprise), widening the gap to BlackBerry’s first place. Before we start tooting the BlackBerry horn too loudly, we’ve got to take a look at the reason it’s got the top spot. The number one reason cited by respondents for having the device was employer influence, while the iPhone’s adopters cited quality as their biggest decider. So really, BlackBerry might be number one, but it’s only because the bosses are shoving them in their employees’ hands.

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