The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 1)


Boy Genius LogoBlackBerry Cool podcasts come out less often than we’d like, but when we the ‘Cool does get around to it, we like to try and make them as awesome as possible. And what could possibly be more awesome than an interview with the Boy Genius? Sure, we’ve done text interviews with him before, but live from BG HQ is an entirely different matter.

BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas Soltys went 10 rounds with the BG, clocking in more than 2 1/2 hours of audio (!), so look for part two to come soon. Until then, enjoy us talking about RIM’s recent product lineup, the 9000 series BlackBerrys, BES/OS 5.0, whether or not RIM understands cool, and oh yeah, BG’s plans to work with RIM.

P.S. This podcast was recorded the day before we broke the news on AT&T neutering the BlackBerry 8820, so it wasn’t addressed in the podcast. However, be amazed at how ominously pertinent our conversation regarding the Apple/ATT&T/RIM triumvirate was.

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  • Steve

    You clowns!

  • Cool Mike

    I WILL listen to this podcast…later!

  • BlackBerry Cool Doug


    Don’t worry, man. It was nothing personal. BG just has, you know, more “star appeal”. We’lll get you back on a podcast again… someday.

    Seriously, though: he knows waaay more than you dude. But he doesn’t have your smile!

  • jonny

    Woah this conversation is so boring. It just sounds like two customers talking. It doesn’t seem like you guys know more than the average guy on the street.

  • Aaron


    Boy Genius called some of your bluff at about the HSDPA availability in USA.

    I’m curious if it’s available in every major city in the USA.

    “Birthday Present” of the Pearl. Riiight. :)

    “Tragically Hip is the John Mayer of Canada.” Hahaha. That’s smart.

    RE: RIM’s value of Customer vs Carrier

    The first half of the podcast was up and down, but I think it gets okay at the end.

    I’d rather cut the whole podcast up a bit more. Perhaps cut it up into Themes?

  • Steve

    Yeah, well, I’m looking for a new opener with more “star appeal”. I’ll let you know what I decide.

  • David

    Erm…for us not so uber cool to have (or WANT) any Apple Software (i.e QuickTime or iTunes, bah!) on our PC’s, could you add a link to be able to download an MP3 of this or something? Or put a link in that I can click to download via my Blackberry browser and listen to on my 8830?

  • Ashley Armitt

    As I stated in my blog, this was a bit dissapointing to listen to. I was after some hardcore insider information but I got the “street talk”. It has changed my perception of BG. The BES 5.0 mention on BBC caught my eye and I was keen as mustard to liten to that part… but yeah, hopefully the second part (when is this happening by the way ???) will be a fair bit more informative.

    On a side note it was a great idea to have an interview with BG. Keep em coming from all places.

  • JEF

    What do you mean when you say that Apple would never put a non-standard headphone jack on a phone? The Iphone has a non-standard jack! The jack is recessed so you can’t use L-shaped headphones without an adaptor.

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