BlackBerry 8300 launches in Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago

Gold StarLatin America’s getting a bit of BlackBerry love today, what with the BlackBerry 8300 launch by Telcel in Mexico and Digicel in Trinidad and Tobago. Digicel’s Curve is going for $3899 TTD, or $620 US, and Telcel’s for … man, my Spanish is rusty. No luck finding the price on Telcel’s site. Any speakers out there who can get a lock down on the BlackBerry 8300’s price in Mexico gets a gold star. Although the BlackBerry 8300 is just coming out now in Mexcio, some sneaky forum members have been able to get one across the border and activated A-O-K before official release.

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  1. 1 Fernando Graham

    Telcel (MEXICO) won’t sell the Blackberry 8300 without an 18 mos. voice plan. Depending on plan and customer’s points, prices may vary fromo $100 USD to $650 USD.

    Availability is low in cities other than Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

    Blackberry 8800 had been previously announced to be released but it’s not available yet, although it is showed in telcel’s webpage. Apparently, there seems to be a problem with Mexico’s maps needed for BBMaps for full GPS functionality and all handhelds had been held in storage until further notice.

    There’s usually a 6-8 mos. gap between releases of handhelds in United States and Mexico. BBs 8820 and 8320 seem pretty far now for Mexico’s market.

    There are rumors that Movistar may release 8800 in Mexico, while Nextel still sticks to the 7100i and 7520.

    Iusacel, which uses G3 technology has not make any moves towards Blackberry Handelds.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Wow, that’s really informative, Fernando! Thanks a bunch for the info!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    The gap between the release date of 8300 in US and Mexico is only 2 months. Does that gap will hold true for the 8320?

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