BES version 5 en route, maybe with HTML e-mail handling?

ThumbsupRuss over at the BlackBerry Beat has pointed us towards a hint that version 5.0 of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software is in the works, with 4.1.5 coming out in a not-too-distant November. HTML e-mail on your BlackBerry might be on the way, according to these notes. Based on the purported features below, is there anything else you BES admins out there would like to see?

BES 4.1.5 - scheduled November 2007
Intelligent HTML & TRF E-Mail handling
Free/Busy lookup during meeting request creation
Remote Email search and retrieval

BES 5.0 Argon Q2 2008
Brand new Admin UI
A full suite of APIs
Enhanced SW Configurations
Integration with AD
Custom Admin and User Roles
Hierarchal IT Polices
Primary - standby architecture
Automated failover option
Manual failover for maintenance

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Research in Motion
August 30th, 2007 at 9:28 am

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August 30th, 2007 at 4:45 pm

I was recently at a conference where a RIM rep spoke. He confirmed details on all of the above. From the slides he reported the following (some of which is already listed, some not):

For 4.1.5:
• Intelligent HTML & RTF E-mail handling
• Free/Busy lookup during meeting request creation
• Remote Email search and retrieval
(Full mailbox experience)
• Application Extensibility, Enterprise IM & Security Enhancements

For 5.0:
• Brand New Admin UI
– Web-Based, WAN Friendly, Intuitive, Field Tested, Usability Tested, Extensible
• A full suite of APIs
– Every aspect of the Admin UI is tied to core API’s all of which are availed to both customers and partners
• Enhanced SW Configurations
– Unified management of all applications (Java, MDS, Pushes, 3rd Party)
– User initiated downloads restricted and controlled
– Configurations associated with users, groups, servers or server collections

Enterprise Directory Support

• Integration with Active Directory
• Robust Grouping Structure
(hierarchical, nesting, inheritance)
• Custom Administrative and User Roles
• Role Scoping (servers, domains, groups of users)
• Scheduling of Administrative Jobs & Tasks
• Multi-layered Software Configurations with inheritance
• Hierarchical IT Policies

High Availability

• Primary – Standby architecture
• Automated failover option
• 2n – preconfigured HA servers
– Uses same SRP ID
– No need for new service books
• Additional options for complex architectures around distributed components
• Manual failover for maintenance

They mentioned several other interesting items regarding end-user provisioning (the “WEB Desktop”-all web-based), BES monitoring, PBX integration, Windows Mobile 6.0 support, etc.

August 31st, 2007 at 10:17 am

I’ve got more, if you want it. :) They gave us a copy of the PPT, which includes further info about the WEB Desktop and other items mentioned….

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