AT&T BlackBerry 8310 launching September 24th.

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We’ve heard that AT&T’s GPS-ified BlackBerry 8310 is set for launch on September 24th, which would line up well with a their Pearl 2 debut mid-September. The talk about BlackBerry 8800s getting phased out to make room for the 8820 gets you wondering about how long it will be before the BlackBerry 8300 gets the same treatment. If there’s no significant price difference, is there a reason someone wouldn’t go for the 8310 over the 8300? Hell, if the BlackBerry 8310 is going to be in black, it’s a done deal - anyone who hadn’t gotten around to picking up a Curve will just grab the newer model. All these new devices are fun and all, but should RIM be spacing out their product releases a bit more to give them time to sell?

  • Desmond
    i just got a new blackberry 8310 and i have att unlimited talk and text. can someone help me get it to work in the phone?
  • reff jak
    Has anyone seen a confirmation of the pearl 2 or 8310 on 9/24?
  • Ian J Cottee
    Got my 8310 today (in the UK). Was somewhat unexpected as the office just ordered it for me and I didn't realise there was GPS on it until I opened the box and saw the Sat Nav leaflet.

    Early days but it's a nice phone and a big step up from my sony i750.
  • Shayne
    September 24th is geting closer. Is there any validation of this rumor that AT&T will carry the 8310 on that date?
  • FLaSh24
    This is really pissing me off, I bought an 8300 and now their coming out with another one?

    Well I'm sure 8320 will be my next device.. and I will not get anything new for a while after that. RIM or ATT or whoever the carrier is should at least give discounts to whoever purchased an 8300 for the 8310.
  • nsimpson
    rogers will be releasing the device same month as att and also be the same pricing as 8300.
  • Shawn
    Thanks for the update. I can't wait until it is out. My Cingular wrecked Nokia E62 is killing me....
  • We only have word that the 8320 is coming to T-Mobile right now. You do bring up the point, Shawn, that the two devices are so similar that they could be mutually exclusive, and if a carrier has one, they might not have the other.
  • Shawn
    So you're telling me that AT&T is going to carry both the 8810 and 8820?

    Joking right?
  • Nah Brian, the Wi-Fi 8320 should be coming out mid-September too. Actually, same date as this 8310... Hmmm...
  • Brian
    It really annoys me that 3 months ago I purchased the 8300 and now they are coming out with a 8310 with GPS enabled. What next 8315 in January with WiFi?
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