Weekly Contest: Should RIM follow Nokia’s lead?

Anyone who’s been listening to the other blogs knows that Nokia has had a pretty busy week, unloading a music store and a reinvigorated gaming platform, both under their new Ovi internet services umbrella. Combine that with their announcement earlier this month about discontinuing some of their chipset production, Nokia’s game is changing significantly. Some would go so far to say that they’re following Apple’s manufacturer-first lead; Nokia is no longer “providing a white label service for operators to use but … placing its own brand ahead of theirs”. We’ve had our fair share of OEM sovereignty issues lately, which is why Nokia’s progress this week is especially noteworthy. Palm has certainly provided an example of what RIM shouldn’t be doing, but Nokia leads the way, and could teach BlackBerry a thing or two. So, BBCool readers, based on Nokia’s goings-on lately, is RIM in a position to take any tips? Should they stay the course and keep doing what they’ve done best, or is there room for them to branch out? BlackBerry Connect is about the most they’ve ventured into alternative service territory, and it could be considered a little less than successful. Regardless, to remain competitive, RIM has to keep changing; will their next big step be similar to Nokia’s?

The reader who can nail down why RIM should go after consumers independent of carriers (or stick to their current carrier-centric strategy) will win three ringtones from Bplay.

Wow, great turnout last week. Either the subject struck a chord with folks, or everyone just wants a ShowMate. Regardless of who won, RIM has a lot of great feedback from you guys, and we’re sure it’s all getting heard. We dug R.T. Fitch’s post for being personal and well-written, as well as pushing for the streaming services. Matt Hess also gets props for fighting for the open source movement which is being embraced by Palm lately. However, keeping with Engadget’s hardlined tone of “this needs to get fixed”, we’re going to give the Impatica ShowMate prize to d_fisher. With so many new products coming out, a lack of standardization is going to make life a hell of a lot harder for IT workers to deal with, and those are the people you want to be making nice with. Keep an eye on your inbox, d_fisher, we’ll be contacting you soon! As for everyone else, thanks a ton for your input, and we hope to see you again this week!

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