BlackBerry 8820 UI shots

BlackBerry 8820Gizmodo’s found some folks on Pinstack with pictures of BlackBerry 8820 getting its Wi-Fi groove on. It’s kind of old hat by now, especially with plenty of folks in Europe with their hands on one, but we’ll take whatever we can get on this side of the pond. Reports still linger about the quality of Wi-Fi service; are there any early-adopting Europeans who’d care to share their experiences with the BlackBerry 8820?

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  1. 1 mike

    orange uk blakberry 8820 user for about a week,
    first bb i have actually had,
    so far so good - only managed to crash it once with google maps which now crashes whenever i try to zoom.

    Browser can do gps and wifi - can set it to do wifi only

    However all other apps i have installed - google maps, midpssh, LogicMail (imap client), OperaMini, IM+ - All insist on using the gprs connection no matter what i do (if you switch off gprs and leave on wifi they still dont connect over wifi).

    You can install BB maps but it does not show up as orange have a deal with some other mapping company but the gps works fine - have tested with bbTracker

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