How to pair your expensive car to your expensive phone

BerryReview just pointed us to a handy application from RIM for an incredibly small sect of BlackBerry users: those who own a Land Rover LR2, Volvo S80 and V70 or Jaguar XK. This application, the Bluetooth Pairing Helper, supposedly eases the Bluetooth pairing process with your car as outlined in RIM’s knowledgebase. Outside of working with a microphone built into the car for voice calls, what other applications are there for Bluetooth in your ride? Music? Maybe some diagnostics?

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  1. 1 Larry Vandagriff

    I have a 2007 Jaguar XK and a Blackberry Pearl (8830) that will not pair. The bluetooth Pairing Helper didn’t help.
    Any ideas other than get another phone?


  2. 2 BErnd

    well it only doesn’t help if you have a 7290 ( I know old model ). It does not support. I have a new Volvo V70 and a Blackberry 7290 and the download says the model is not supported

  3. 3 Paul Lerbo

    Does anyone know if the helper described above will assit in trasferring the address book to handsfree speakerphone on the Jag XK? I am able to make phone calls OK from the speakerphone but not to use the contacts list from the Blackberry. I have two Jags that pair up with the BB Storm ( the new one ) but when try transfer the contacts boo it fails. Any one heard of a solution fro this problem?

  4. 4 kyle

    Own LR2 and Blackberry bold. Car will not talk to blackberry via bluwtooth. No luck downloading helper app, seems to go around in circles. Any ideas?

  5. 5 Tom

    Just purchased XKR. I am able to get my blackberry 8310 to pair with the car. This will allow me make calls. However, I am unable to transfer the address book, and can’t seem to figure how to store numbers manually on the car. Anyone have any sucess transfer address book to their XK Jaguar?

  6. 6 marjilde

    I do have a jaguar xkr and a two year old blackberry 8310. I need a software update to make the blackberry compatible with my car but I don t know were to find the proper download

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