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Review: BlackLine Blip and GPS Snitch


BlackLine 7We talked with Patrick Rousseau from BlackLine back at WES, and now we’ve had a chance to give their products a go. GPS was a big thing at WES, which worked out well for BlackLine, since they were finalizing their location sharing service at the time. Blip is software for your BlackBerry 8800 which not only allows you to share your location with friends through Google Maps, but it also lets you track BlackLine’s GPS puck, Snitch, from your handheld. The web-based client for Blip accessed through BlackLine’s website gives you a few more functions and account management, and is where your friends can do their tracking. The GPS Snitch offers e-mail alerts whenever it moves and the alarm is set, mainly so you’ll know if your car’s being stolen and can quickly find the ne’er-do-well’s GPS coordinates. We’ll be looking at all three (web client, BlackBerry client and GPS puck) for this review, so let’s get crackin’.

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Handango’s 2007 Champion Award winners


HandangoHandango’s published their annual Champion Award winners, cut up by device. Without further ado, here’s Handango’s BlackBerry picks.

Best Evolution Application - Narrator by Nuance Communications, Inc.
Best Entertainment Application - Monopoly Tycoon 2007 by Bplay/Hands-on Mobile
Best Industry Application - RepliGo Professional by Cerience Corporation
Best Life Management Application - Journal Bar by Omega One Software, LLC.
Developer of the Year - SHAPE Services GmbH
Rookie of the Year - IntelliGolf, Inc.

If you’re interested in hearing how other handhelds fared, you can check them out over here.

BlackBerry 8310 and 8820 land in India


VodafoneThe carrier formerly known as Hutch is now offering both Wi-Fi and GPS to India by way of the BlackBerry 8820 and the BlackBerry 8310. Vodafone is running the show these days, and lately they’ve been enjoying the benefits of Hutch’s acquisition. For anyone interested, the 8310 is going for Rs 24,990 and the 8820 for Rs 31,990.

ESPN on your BlackBerry


ESPNFor those signed up to the BlackBerry Owners Lounge, you might have heard about ESPN’s offering akin to MLB‘s - you can now download a link to ESPN’s mobile site to your BlackBerry, for quick access to all your sports scores. Although Viigo’s got their own ESPN channels, if sports are all you’re looking for, this would be the way to go.

Special Biweekly Contest: What can mobile forms do for your nonprofit?


ProntoWhen the guys at TrueContext talked to us about doing a review of their custom mobile forms service, Pronto, we had a few problems. We don’t do much in the way of field sales, or surveys, or data collection. In fact, we pretty much just hunker down at BBCool HQ, jack into the blogosphere, and don’t see the light of day until the wee hours of the morning. TrueContext even offered to make us a fully customized form that we could access on our BlackBerry and use to beam data to home base. So that got us thinking, if we can’t do anything with what looks like a very useful service, who could use Pronto? At this point, the devs told us about their plans to help out nonprofit companies with their Pronto Give Back Program.

This is where you, kindly and ingenious BBCool readers, can step in to help out your fellow man. If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet program, you know what can be done with that kind of information and how useful the output can be, let alone being able to access and enter that information wirelessly from your BlackBerry. Your mission for this special two week-long Weekly Contest is: choose your favourite nonprofit organization and outline a Pronto form which would help their front-line workers do what they do best. This could be a donation tracker, or volunteer timesheet, or anything that you think will help your particular organization. This isn’t limited to charities, either - there are plenty of lobby and special interest groups out there that could use a hand in the field. This Friday’s contest will run two weeks, so we can gather up as many entries as possible.

The prize, you ask? Well, the best suggestion will actually get implemented. That’s right, TrueContext has agreed to work up the form and offer it to your nonprofit organization of choice free of charge. Not enough? Well, we’ll throw an iPod shuffle your way, just to spice things up. Put on your thinking caps, everyone - let’s see what you’ve got.

Kyle S. will be walking away winner from last week’s contest, giving a full-bodied view on the pros of RIM’s increased pace of product releases. We’ll be hooking you up with some Bplay games real soon, Kyle!

Sling on BlackBerry confirmed


SlingEarlier rumors of Slingbox support for BlackBerry has been confirmed by Pocket Lint today. Some ambitious reports have claimed the world will have 120 million people watching TV on their mobiles by 2012, which is saying something considering we’re sitting at under 12 million viewers right now. Even if Sling’s BlackBerry support doesn’t come soon, Sprint’s 8120 will be packing some streaming video service. Would you guys want to watch TV on your BlackBerry?