UK police using BlackBerrys

A recent article from the Bapco Journal examined a pilot program to equip Bedfordshire police with BlackBerrys. From a human-resources point of view, police are not only very mobile, but also extremely dependent on up-to-date information and quick communication. Of course there’s plenty of other smartphones out there that can provide for those needs, but the Bedfordshire police went with BlackBerrys for a few particular reasons.

Discussing why the force selected BlackBerry, [Insp. Jim Hitch, Project Manager, Bedfordshire Police] said, “Many of the solutions we trialled did not allow us to mobilise the computerised systems that we already have in place. With the BlackBerry solution, we were able to do this quickly and easily. The solution operates securely with a low overhead which means low costs to the public. Managing our deployment of devices through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server has also been hassle free. We can change a security policy or push out a new application remotely, saving both time and money,”

Above all, the police seem altogether satisfied with the security of data transmission, and you’d better believe they’re dealing with some sensitive information.

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September 5th, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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