GSM and HTC share a birthday

Twenty years ago today, the Global System for Mobile communications was signed in as a wireless standard which would blanket Europe and put an end to a few niggling incompatibility issues. Little did those 15 operators in Copenhagen realize, by 2007 there would be 2.5 billion people using GSM technology. 1.2 million new people connect to the GSM network every day, and at the given pace, 4 billion people will be cruising the GSM airwaves by 2010.

Ten years ago today, High Tech Computer began their business of quietly outsourcing to the likes of Microsoft for their Windows Mobile devices. Now HTC is the quintessential innovator in smartphones and Taiwan’s most profitable listed firm after weighing in at $1.34 billion in sales over the last three quarters. To commemorate their birthday, HTC cut the ribbon at a new world-class headquarters in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Happy birthday to these two mammoths of the wireless industry. Hope you have as much fun as these guys.

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