RIM was actually the one to rock the summer

Although we were talking primarily about penetration numbers when it came to iSuppli’s report on the iPhone’s summer performance, apparently some folks were interpreting other comments to mean that the iPhone was outselling RIM’s entire lineup. The opposite is actually true: the sum total of RIM’s phones combined have outsold the two iPhone models 2-to-1 this summer, but the iPhone did manage to outsell any individual smartphone (which is still pretty awesome). iSuppli has clarified the issue thusly:

“iSuppli’s sell-through research and the subsequent press release indicated that the iPhone outsold all smart phone models in July in the United States on an individual basis. While iSuppli stands by this analysis, it is important to note that iPhone’s retail sales did not exceed the combined retail sales of the entire BlackBerry line of smart phones (approximately twice that of the iPhone if taken in total) in the United States in July.”

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