Empower offers BES-dedicated mailbox

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MailboxEmpower, the guys who did the HTML Mail Viewer, have opened up a beta for their next project: the Empower BES Mailbox. It’s a simple little app that keeps your BES e-mails in a separate area from your personal and SMS messages, making sorting through e-mails much easier. They’re offering a free 10-day trial of their beta, for those in the BES boat and are tired of getting business and pleasure all mixed up.

  • phlo
    Sounds just like what the Vodafone Today theme does rather nicely today. I must admit not to have tried it with BES, my BIS emails are stored in inbox "A" while text messages & co. reside in "B".

    (Please note that I don't find Vodafone any good anywhere except for their Blackberry today theme and, obviously, do not own or wish to own a Vodafone-branded 'berry.)
  • jon
    Or you could save a search and hit 'Alt-W' (for me) to just see your BES emails...
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