Weekly Contest: What does open access mean for BlackBerry?

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We haven’t talked much about the whole open access frequency thing since the implications on BlackBerrys and RIM in particular haven’t been made completely clear yet. Regulations on the bidding process are still being finalized, but what’s been established so far can be found here. Suppose Block C, which will have to remain publicly available by the winning bidder, gets bought up. RIM already manages to offer some services, like BlackBerry Maps and BlackBerry Messenger of their own accord. This week’s contest asks you, BBCool readers: what would you like to see RIM do with its share of open spectrum? It’s not much, and there’s bound to be plenty of limitations on what can be used over the frequency, but let’s say there’s just a little bit of network that BlackBerrys would be able to use regardless of carrier. That opens up some very interesting possibilities not only for RIM, but for third-party developers too. Google and Skype are both pushing hard for the open access; Google and RIM are already pretty tight… what can we hope to see from The Big G? The one to leave the most compelling application for Block C on BlackBerrys will get 3 free themes from Bplay.

The extra-long contest we mentioned earlier is going to be postponed until next week. Sit tight!

Hooah, it was a busy contest last week. 3G, memory capacity, camera upgrades and video were all popular threads of thought. Honourable mention goes out to the psychic BlackBerry suggestion. Lewis had some pretty cool ideas about location-awareness and social networking that he’d like to see integrated into BlackBerrys. Shayne had an impressive 20-entry-long list of fantastic features he’d like to see, ranging from baby monitors to video projectors to self defense mechanisms.

By and large, most folks are calling out for more bandwidth, but one member really hit it on the head why 3G is going to be big for BlackBerry: high speed data transfer will unlock a whole range of new features, rather than just being an isolated upgrade, like streaming video or improved camera. For that reason, we’re giving Orlando the win for this contest. We’ll be getting in touch with you soon to get your 3 games from Bplay! You guys all had incredible entries this week, and we’re all looking forward to seeing more! Thanks for submitting, and keep on reading!

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