Connect with the Experts goes on tour for IT professionals October 11th.

Josep at Miblackberry just reminded us that Connect with the Experts is on the way, starting off in London on October 11th. What is Connect with the Experts, you ask? Well, “The Connect With The Experts - BlackBerry® Technical Seminar for IT Professionals is a seminar series designed for Information Technology experts by BlackBerry experts. A selection of workshops over the course of this one day event offer focused BlackBerry content for the IT manager or administrator who needs in-depth, technical information on how to get the most from BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, achieve optimal BlackBerry smartphone deployments and how best to mobilise applications for BlackBerry.”

The London seminar costs £149 while it’s on an early bird special through September, so sign up while it’s hot, you British IT dudes.

LONDON, England - October 11
GLASGOW, Scotland - October 18
MADRID, Spain - October 25
VIENNA, Austria - October 30
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - November 8
FRANKFURT, Germany - November 15 & 16
PARIS, France - November 20
ISTANBUL, Turkey - December 5
DUBAI, United Arabic Emirates - January 2008
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - February 2008

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