Monthly Archive for October, 2007

Garmin bids $3.3 billion on Tele Atlas


Tele Atlas, the fine folks who do BlackBerry Maps, are in the process of being bought. Fellow Dutch navigation company, TomTom, had already put about $3 billion on the table, but now that GPS heavyweight Garmin has stepped up, it looks like a bidding war is going to ensue. Both TomTom and Garmin have experience on handhelds, and can potentially bring some new stuff to BlackBerry Maps, but it’s more likely that Tele Atlas will keep doing what they do best, regardless of who owns them.

“Given the high growth and rapid change the navigation market has undergone to date, we feel that now is the right time for Garmin to move ahead with this proposed combination with Tele Atlas,” Garmin Chief Executive Min Kao.

RIM beats out Palm, Samsung and Motorola in customer satisfaction


While the BlackBerry might still need some work against the iPhone, it’s still kicking tail against other smartphone manufacturers when it comes to keeping enterprise buyers happy. J.D. Power and Associates used a rating system which examined a smartphone’s ease of use, operating system, form factor, audio, battery and utilities, in order of weight. Palm and Samsung tied for second place, with Motorola behind the industry average. Outside of that, the survey also touched on some other trends among smartphone users, such as the 40% who wants GPS versus the mere 26% who want Wi-Fi. The top features folks are looking for in a smartphone are “personal information manager (PIM) functionality (50%), Internet capability (48%), Bluetooth capabilities (46%), general ease of use (44%) and overall design/style (44%).” Funniest thing is that games topped enterprise users’ choice for third-party software - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, huh?

Canadian traffic monitoring from your BlackBerry


We just got word about Globis Data, who are opening the doors to a beta for their WAP-based traffic information service, DRIVES. Right now only Montreal and Toronto are covered, but keep an eye out for Ottawa and Calgary soon. It might not be much to look at, but this information is updated once every couple of minutes, which is pretty impressive. It uses cell signals to determine the speed of cars along particular streets, so you can see what’s moving slowly and what’s cruising. Since it’s all browser-based, it’s easy enough to keep your area of town bookmarked for easy access. So any drivers in Montreal or Toronto, give it a shot by accessing from your mobile browser and let us know how it fares.

Zenprise gets cozier with carriers


Zenprise has announced a partnership with Keynote in order to keep a closer eye on carrier network status. This fits in great with Zenprise’s established troubleshooting system, as monitoring stability is a big part of what they do. Keynote has a pretty robust system in place for gaging call quality and network status, and we’re sure the service being passed on to customers through Zenprise will be top notch. We talked with Zenprise not too long ago about what they do, so if you’re in the BlackBerry admin end of things, check it out.

Enterprise call management app hits BlackBerry


Stefano just let us know about Lekane, who have recently announced support for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. With the system they have, you set up a contact centre with a Mobility Server and an enterprise expert team using the handheld Client Container app; the contact team forwards calls and information to the expert team no matter where they are, and the field agents can send information (sales results, updates, etc.) right on back to home base. It sounds like a pretty good way to mitigate calls to a scattered workforce.

More Telus 8130 rumours


While the BlackBerry 8130 release date on Telus remains a point of contention, some insist that we’ll be seeing it in The Great White North before the week is out, and should be available nationwide by November 6th. Regardless of date, the new Pearl will be packing GPS, the OS 4.3, and the newly-launched Facebook application preloaded. On top of that, BBSync’s source also managed to snag the plans: $199.99 on a 3-year contract, $399.99 on a 2 year contract, and $449.99 on a 1 year or no contract. The 8130 will also be launching a limited edition Links of London set for $30 more, if you’re looking to be extra-swanky.