Brazil gets the BlackBerry 8310


It was announced today that Claro, TIM and Vivo will be offering the BlackBerry 8310 to Brazilians immediately, and widespread release through Latin America will be happening come November. The BlackBerry 8310 is packing the Curve’s form-factor and standard features (3.5mm headphone jack, trackball, camera, microSD slot) plus GPS capability. No word on price, but if anyone knows Portugese and can dig up a number from the carriers’ sites, we’d be much obliged.

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  1. 1 ed freire

    vivo’s website doesn’t show the 8310 yet only the 8300 both of the other carriers don’t show it either, the 8300 goes for about the same price as here in the US (around US$200)

  2. 2 luc-movel

    I am in Brazil. I have a 8300 with Vivo and I don’t really see the point of adding a GPS-enabled Blackberry to their lineup. Vivo actively forbids most applications access to the Internet, except those that come installed already. Also, Vivo absolutely refuses to provide Blackberry users with an APN, just to make sure we won’t go anywhere with our Blackberrys. Google Maps does not work for Vivo Blackberry users. Yahoo! Go does not work for Vivo Blackberry users. No instant messaging except Yahoo and GoogleTalk works for Vivo Blackberry users, and these do not support MSN. I have tried several other third-party map applications like Telenav, bbLocal and J2meMap. None of them works for Vivo Blackberry users. Actually they run just fine, but can’t access the Internet. I have wrestled with support a dozen times. They eventually told me it is supposed to be like that with the Blackberry plans. Period. They simply steal functionality from our Blackberrys and there is nothing we can do about it. The only map application that works without a glitch is the bundled Blackberry Maps, but it does not cover any country in South America at all. It’s totally useless over here.

    You know what it is like to have a cell phone in Brazil? Just imagine we have several carriers, but they’re all Verizon. No, wait. They’re *worse* than Verizon. Verizon provides Blackberry users with an APN. Vivo does not. And they are not getting any better because they know we have no one else to turn to. Vivo certainly is special. This is a carrier that actually removed all Bluetooth functionality from all of their phones so that users would have no choice but to buy ringtones directly from the carrier. You can expect anything from a company that does that.

    Screw Vivo and the Blackberry 8310. It’s just probably going to cost more because it is equipped with GPS hardware that serves no purpose after all thanks to their despicable practices.

  3. 3 Rodrigo

    still no signs of the 8310… wasn’t is supposed to be released today by at&t?

  4. 4 kimmy

    i thought the blackberry curve 8310 was supposed to be released by AT&T?????? i called AT&T but they are not carrying it yet?

  5. 5 sd

    Old thread, but popped up on Google.

    Vivo on Blackberry works just fine. I have all the IMs running using beejive. MSN, Google, Yahoo. No problem.

    Google maps works too, always has.

    If you want to see a shitty provider in Brazil, look at TIM. They treat their customers like crap.

  6. 6 Ricardo

    luc-movel is wrong about vivo service, he probably dont know how to configure and-or install the programs.

    I got a blackberry vivo working fine with all kinds of IM, and got the google maps working fine too.

    I have access to work network, home network, and when i cant find a program on the net that fit my needs, i make one in java and put into my bb.

    So, at least as im concern, the only limitation is your knowledge to make things work, the network is there.

  7. 7 KM

    I got the Curve 8310 from TIM and all the stuff really works, I did not take the paid GPS package but the unlimited plan per month includes all the dat and browsing I can do - no holds barred.
    As for customer service all the 3 major operators in Sao paulo - VIVO, TIM and CLARO, suck but hey it´s like beggars can´t be choosers…lol !

  8. 8 Sérgio Colavolpe

    Gostaria de saber como acessar a caixa de e-mails através do aparelho Black Berry 8310.

    Agradeço desde já,


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