BlackBerry Unite! to bring small groups together


RIM just announced some pretty interesting new PC software called BlackBerry Unite! which will be available for free starting November. BlackBerry Unite! will allow small groups of up to 5 BlackBerry users to share contact lists, calendars, remotely access media on your PC, media sharing, and remote security options (such as password setting, memory wiping, back-up, and enforcing IT policies). Sounds great, right? The downside is this is only coming out on Telefonica in Spain for now. We can only hope that we’ll be seeing this kind of bundled functionality on this side of the pond soon - for smaller operations which don’t need (or can’t afford) a full-blown 3rd. party software package, integrated functions like this would make BlackBerry the clear device of choice. Not that it isn’t already.

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  1. 1 Andrew

    That is quite cool, it would be perfect if you had PC access to BB messenger..

  2. 2 portorikan

    This does sound really neat and would make me even more of a Blackberry Evangelist than I am now. My wife needs a new phone, and upgrading her palm to a BB and this software would be neat as well.

    My only concern, and what would hold many of my friends back is that it would not be Mac compatible from day 1. Palm does a good job of having native Mac syncing apps. I only wish RIM would do the same. I think their marketshare would expand considerable with Macheads.

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