Losing your mobile is more painful than dental work

According to a recent survey by FusionOne, over half of respondents said that losing their mobile device would cause their social life to suffer, and would be more painful than a breakup or having a cavity filled. Now, as BlackBerry users, it’s easy to imagine our professional lives taking a kick in the teeth if our BlackBerry was misplaced, but do our social lives revolve around these little gizmos too? The biggest factor in the social importance of mobiles lied in contact management - while 70% of subscribers rated contacts backup as very or extremely important, a whooping 67% admitted to not actually doing it. The BlackBerry 9000 is rumored to have microSD backup included with it, which would go a long way to address the demand shown in this survey. Replacing things like ringtones and pictures also rated fairly high on users’ priorities.

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